University of Lahore

Prof. Dr. Syed Amir Gillani

Dean, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

In March 2012 the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences was established which in December 2012 is marked with accomplishments in the areas of academia, research and extracurricular activities. Due to full support from the Chairman BOG, The University of Lahore, bold initiatives were taken for launching new departments this year. Additions were made to the academic programs offered in the different departments of FAHS, thus providing even further opportunities for the students from all over Pakistan& abroad to avail a world-class degree at FAHS.

As treatment innovations and technological advances change the landscape of health practice, the challenge in health care delivery is to widen the base of medical education into the Allied Health Sciences. The opportunities for those into allied health fields seem limitless, as a scope of practice and the need for health care practitioners continually expand. The FAHS faculty continued producing original research in a wide range of areas. Faculty took part in international and national conferences and exciting research projects were conducted since the establishment of FAHS. With the continued support of students, faculty and staff, the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences will continue to push at the boundaries of excellence in the years to come.May Allah bless us with dignity, honesty, hard work, team work followed by everlasting success (Aameen)

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