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Ideal Diet during the Holy month of Ramzan
Ramzan is the month of spiritual consciousness and high sense of social responsibility. So fasting in Ramzan is best time to attain spirituality and overall wellbeing. Keeping in mind the importance of healthy diet during Sehr-o-Iftar, The university institute of Diet & Nutritional Sciences organized one day seminar on topic “Ideal Diet during Fasting in Ramzan”. For this purpose four speakers  Ms. Khadija Asim (Diabetologist at Al-Razi Wellness Center), Ms. Shahnai Basharat (HOD University Institute of Diet & Nutritional Sciences), Ms. Maria Aslam (Lecturer) and Ms. Hafsa Kamran (Lecturer), delivered   state of the art lectures on Physiological & Psychological benefits of fasting, Ideal diet during Ramzan as well as for diabetic patients, Physical activity and exercise during the Holy Month of Ramzan. The lectures were very informative in all aspects.T he Dean of faculty of Allied Health Sciences Prof. Dr. Syed Amir Gilani highly appreciated the efforts of University Institute of Diet & Nutritional science in organizing such an informative Seminar and awarded the seminar speakers with shields and certificates.

  • Ideal Diet during the Holy month of Ramzan
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