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Numerous nutritional deficiency disorders ranging from protein malnutrition to specific micro-nutrients in certain areas of the country especially in Pakistan. These deficiencies have resulted in growth retardation, mental disorders and various types of physical disabilities.
Beside micro nutrient deficiencies, the incidences of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, obesity, hypertension and kidney and liver problems are increasing day by day due to unsafe and poor quality diets. This alarming situation demands to cure diseases with food. Realizing the importance of human nutrition in daily life and emergencies like earthquake, drought, famine and man-made disasters, the University Institute of Diet and nutritional Sciences started 5-years degree program leading to Doctor of Diet and Nutritional Sciences.

News & Events
02 June,2014

Patron UOL Mr. M. A. Raoof and Chairman UOL Mr. Awais Raoof attended the inauguration ceremony of "Habib Medic...

24 March,2014

Educational Awareness Program to Observe "World TB Day" by focusing on Nutritional & Health Perspective Dat...

19 December,2013

UOL's Faculty of Allied Health Sciences organized 2nd Annual Gala Dinner for its students and faculty/staff me...

07 November,2013

Venue: Main Auditorium, Defense Road Campus, UOL Time: 10am to 12pm. Date; 7th Nov, 2013

05 July,2013

Venue:main Auditorium, Defense Road Campus, UOL. Date:5th July, 2013 Time:10am to 12pm.

03 June,2013

University Institute of Diet and Nutritional Sciences (UIDNS) under the umbrella of Faculty of Allied Health S...